Holistic Marketing

Holistic Marketing isn't just about getting your firm's name out to potential clients. It isn't just advertisement or brochures. It's about everything your firm is and everything your firm does.

Simply put, HOLISTIC is defined as all encompassing, the whole, leaving nothing out. Your firm's success is inevitable when you account for everything in your planning.

The Holistic Marketing Process:

  • Marketing Field, LLC looks at the entire legal practice (whether for an individual or for an entire firm) and the personalities of the people who make up that practice (including administrative staff). Utilizing the strengths of the characteristics of the members of your firm, Marketing Field, LLC helps to craft internal messages which will create a culture which can be capitalized upon for external messages.


  • The next step is to assess your firm's image in your clients' minds. You need to understand why you have been successful and with whom. This will help to improve both your marketing costs and your client acquisition goals by helping to target the people who really would want to work with your firm.


  • Finally, a plan is developed utilizing the best of traditional marketing, new technologies and cutting edge motivational techniques.


This allows your firm to stop wasting time and money on unnecessary, ineffective and expensive marketing which doesn't bring in the clients you want.

Also, you begin to focus your firm's marketing efforts on the clients you want to work with and create the most positive impression in their minds.

But most importantly, Holistic Marketing allows you to stop having "up and down" months in your practice. Your plan, when followed, will bring in clients on a consistent basis.

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