Enlightened Rainmaking

Becoming a Rainmaker is not difficult to learn.  There are many books, tapes, coaches and companies which claim to be able to teach you how to become a Rainmaker. 


However, Marketing Field, LLC goes one step further.  We teach attorneys how to become Enlightened Rainmakers. 


Becoming an Enlightened Rainmaker is more than bringing more clients in the door; it’s more than the “Business” of law.  It is turning the Attorney back into an trusted advisor and their legal practice back into a professional service to their clients. 


The Enlightened Rainmaker truly wants to help clients obtain solutions to their problems.  What the Enlightened Rainmaker will find in return is clients will enrich the attorneys’ lives – financially as well as emotionally.


After going through the training process, what attorneys realize is that they can love the practice of law and their life once again. 



Firm Wide Rainmaking Seminars or One-on-One Rainmaking Coaching

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